Top: The concept was power vs strength, so we simplified it down to images that represented a powerlifter vs a strongman and with the lighting and style tried to hold energy with a still life. Photos by Ian Spanier
Bottom: The tools of a gym rat are shown as if they are tools on someone's workshop wall. Photo by Pornchai Mittongare

Simplifying a way to show eating big with one image

This was a feature we did on how the crew of a US Aircraft Carrier stays in shape while at war. Shot on location in the Gulf of Oman. Photos by Ian Spanier

Breaking down the various sources of caffeine available to the average gym-goer, and how effective each is

As people in the current economy are forced to tighten their belts, the average grocery bill needs to be tightened as well. Photos by John Kelly

Energy levels in athletes can be depleted by several factors, we used deflated items form various sports to represent that.

Top: We used a more primal image to represent a more primal style of diet for the athlete.
Bottom: What if you could find immunity promoting foods and supplements in your average medicine cabinet?

We chose to do something different for our 2010 Olympia preview in FLEX magazine by creating a fictitious line of bodybuilding action figures with their own accessories reflecting the personalities of the top pros. I did all photoshop work as well.

For the 2009 Olympia preview issue of FLEX magazine, we produced a mini graphic novel using images of the 3 favorites headed into the event.

As an extension of the Origins graphic novel, this was another feature in FLEX magazine where we looked back at how top pro Phil Heath began his career in bodybuilding

This feature in Muscle & Fitness Hers was about some of the tips you can use to kickstart your metabolism when all else fails

Looking to add some humor into the serious subject of germ contamination in public gyms, in Muscle & Fitness Hers we took it to the next level with a woman training in rubber gloves and Hazmat suits

Themed/concept features

These are features that played off a concept. As seen in Muscle & Fitness, FLEX and Muscle & Fitness Hers

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